The Dyspnea Society is in the process of incorporting as a non-profit organization. Once complete, we will be able to receive tax-deductable donations. Such donations will be used to:

  • Provide research grants to promote collaborative, transdisciplinary studies that address the mechanisms and management of dyspnea
  • Travel awards for students entering this field to promote the growth of the next generation of dyspnea researchers.
  • Travel stipends for leading scientists and clinicians to attend the biannual meetings as keynote speakers to let the rest of the community understand and be inspired by their progress. 
  • Offset the cost of the biannual meeting to make it more accessible and maintain a diverse and productive group.

Once incorporation is complete, we ask you to consider The Dyspnea Society as a worthwhile and productive recipient of your generosity and charitible giving.

Incorporation is scheduled to be complete by September, 2023.